Losing Wisdom Teeth Not A Loss

wisdom teeth removal cerritos

You might not have known what wisdom teeth are. And you might have been thinking; how they came to be ‘wise’. It’s a curious name to be given to teeth that, as things stand right now, are hardly of any use to you. But it’s interesting. It has something to do with our evolution. But for now though, just so you know; should you have to have wisdom teeth removal cerritos work done, it will be no great loss to you.

Because here is the thing, you actually don’t need them. The actual shape and size of these teeth should give you a clue or two of how we have evolved over thousands of years, particularly during the earliest years when humankind literally lived like animals, so much so that they were not even walking upright. Today, most of you eat your food with knives and forks. Before you plough a morsel of food into your mouth, you’ll first cut and slice it into bite-sized chunks.

wisdom teeth removal cerritos

And once in the mouth, you are able to chew and swallow your food comfortably enough. But if you’re not using a knife and fork, you could be using chopsticks. And then still, food is still prepared into bite-sized or edible portions. Prehistoric men and women never had it as good as you do today. They had to eat with their hands and used their large wisdom teeth to bite off the bits and pieces of a mostly meat-based diet.

And so it goes that today, your wisdom teeth serve little or no purpose. But that does not mean that they shouldn’t be replaced. Indeed, this is still necessary. Leaving a gap is rich pickings for new bacteria and the build-up of plaque and tartar.